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Find accountability, balance, and consistency with your YOU time so that you never go down the burn-out route again (and can finally stop ignoring the signs that your body’s sending you).

In this group coaching program for women, you will take baby steps towards being on track with your self-care non-negotiables so that you can learn to prioritize YOU without feeling guilty… because I know how much you’re used to doing #allthethings first!).

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Know yourself better and reach your full potential while living a fulfilling work/life balance (and never burn out again)! In this 3-month one-on-one customized coaching program, you will become your own inner guide to clarifying your path to purpose, away from being the “busy-bee”, using Claudia-Sam’s 3-part Tune-In framework. You will learn to navigate (and appreciate) your emotions so that you don’t explode, put your inner well-being first so that setting boundaries is easier, and get out of your head so that you can make calm decisions about your future that you trust and are happy with.

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