Meditate with me!

"I feel so much relief after the personalized meditations! It feels amazing for someone to hear you and cater to exactly what you are feeling and going through in the moment. I often arrive at the sessions with fear, anxiety and stress in the body. And I leave feeling validated and supported." Alice Jasmine, Student
In the March Meditation Tune-Up, Alice Jasmine arrived with fear, anxiety and stress in the body. And during the MTU session, she was able to share, feel validated and supported. 🥰

“Before our session, I was feeling tired, definitely overwhelmed and unsure 'where to start'. During our meditation, my mind and heart went quickly and easily to the most powerful and loving places, and afterward I felt lighter, much more open, and definitely awake. With such strong imagery in our meditation, it felt easy for me to keep returning to that place of openness and lightness and awareness throughout my afternoon, whenever I wanted to. It was a beautiful reset.“ 
Sarah Elizabeth, online business strategist 

“I've been dealing with so many emotions, and I couldn't handle them all. Claudia-Sam took me through a series of questions and a meditation that finally helped me release them. Her insights were spot on, and made me feel like I was truly seen. Because of that, I was able to let go and move on to the next stage of healing. She left me with the skills necessary to handle the next resurgence of emotions.
"I highly recommend working with Claudia-Sam! After the session with her, I took her advice and allowed myself to do a pity party which turned out to be awesome. Next time I'm sad, I’ll be doing this all again because I recovered so much more quickly. I haven't felt this refreshed and optimistic in a long time.”
 Nadya Siapin, Writer's Coach 

“It was the time I needed to reset my mind so that I could get back to what I have to do in my work day (instead of continuing to keep going like a machine)!
Kassandra, Spanish Teacher for Couples

“I feel so much better about my energy. I feel reinvigorated and ready for the new ventures that await me… like I can’t fail.” 
Allison, Psychotherapist and Trauma Coach

"The way you are wording everything was like a key into a lock in my door! I had major AHA moments during our time together. I am so appreciative, honoured and thankful for you to be supporting me on my journey. Thank you for holding space and for helping me cultivate peace in my mind/body/soul desires in inventive ways (as I can be zeroed in on moments of worry and perfectionism in the day-to-day and having you there for me helps immensely)."
 Tayler Samantha, Writer & Model