Find your true self with awakened energy, balanced health and intuitive clarity 

6-month soul-coaching initiative for inner-guidance

Do you feel unfulfilled with your daily routine and work?

Have you lost your sense of purpose?

Are you unable to trust yourself and make confident decisions?

Do you feel stuck with where you are at in your life?

YES? Then this

6-month online group soul-coaching initiative for inner-guidance
is for YOU!

Say YES to yourself


I am here to support you to transition away from self-criticism and the fear of not having or being enough as you are to confidently trust yourself, take the leap fearlessly towards your purpose, live a healthy lifestyle and prioritize your wellbeing, while creating a fulfilling life filled with joy, using my Tune-In Method.

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I’m Claudia-Sam 

Valued and Important
More energy and motivation
Ready to realize your full potential
Aware and happy to make changes
Loving to yourself

Open to receive
Attracting the right person and-or opportunity
Trusting in the universe
Aligned with your purpose
Calm, Spacious & Free 

Develop healthy habits so you can balance the body's health and prevent illness
Learn to navigate emotions powerfully and connect to your desires and dreams
Release negative self-criticism and start loving yourself 
Trust in your decision-making (and learn to listen to your intuition)
Affirm yourself confidently and take action to live your purpose now

Tune-In: Your Confident Self Awaits
6-month group inner-guidance training will help you

and better yet...

Be The Best Version
Of Yourself

This Soul Coaching experience with Claudia-Sam
 will help you feel:

Do you want a cheerleader and Soul Connection Coach to motivate you and guide you towards hearing and befriending your inner Self?

Do you want more confidence, a renewed relationship with yourself, a clearer intuition and a more balanced health?

Do you want to step fully into who you are meant to be NOW?

if your answer is YES I DO

Ask yourself...


 and the
 Tune-In: Your Confident Self Awaits

I wanna know what this can look like for me

Ellen Alexandra, Seattle, USA

"Working with Claudia-Sam has been the basis of my spiritual path, including reconnecting with myself, my feelings and intuition. It has been such a HUGE blessing and I hope you all have the opportunity to work with her!"

Tune-In: Your Confident Self Awaits

4-month inner-guidance training will help you

Do you want a cheerleader to motivate you and guide you towards hearing and befriending your inner Self?

Do you want more confidence, a renewed relationship with yourself, a clearer intuition and a more balanced health?

Do you want to step fully into who you are meant to be NOW?

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

I’m sure you can relate to this…

You’re starting to notice that you are attracting the wrong partners into your life, giving and giving, and have been left hurt, feeling unvalued, unimportant and unloved…
The feeling of not being able to stand up for yourself, making another bad choice and falling into an unhealthy pattern again scares the crap out of you!
The thought of not having enough motivation to pick up your energy feels normal but not something you want to live through forever.

The truth is… there is something inside you that whispers your craving for transformation, for change, for connection, for BEING in a HAPPY AND VALUED STATE.
You know something can change and you want to go ahead and take action NOW!

I am here for you. I’ve gone through the heartbreaks, the thinking “is that it?”, the negative patterns and ESPECIALLY the NOT listening to my intuition! 

Say YES to yourself

It’s time to tune into your Self and allow your capacity for growth to lead you to live your best and healthiest Life

- Soul Connection Coaching Videos, Inspiring Audios and User-Friendly Worksheets 
- Guided meditations, Yoga sessions, Self-Inquiry questions, Breathing Exercises and more
- 2 x Group Soul Connection Coaching sessions monthly
- Bonus Affirmations and personalized guidance
- Integration time and community support
- Daily pocket coaching
- Complimentary access to the Soul Connector Circle
- Daily unlimited voice or text coaching with Claudia-Sam within a private chat

To support you on this transformational experience, you will have access to: 



Disconnected to Connected

Weekly empowering videos, both calming & motivating audios, clear worksheets to help you stay aligned while you fully step into your confidence Self and tune inwards!

- Essential steps for healing what got you off path
- Feel less pain and more freedom in your body
- Sleep better


 Lacking to Replenished

- Feel beautiful and powerful in your own skin by developing self-care habits that will make you feel healthy
- Learn to love yourself more
- Prevent illness

module 2

Like You’re Eating-just-to-eat To Nourished

- Detox your food and align with nature
- Feel supported in this healthy-eating and habits shift

bonus module

- Be less pressured to do everything right
- Accept (and connect) in relationships
- Be less judgemental towards yourself

module 4

 Overwhelmed to a Calm and Manageable Thought Space

- Chillax from overthinking with deep relaxation
- Release the overwhelm of "doing"
- Enjoy the present moment without wanting things to be different

- Feeling truly fulfilled in life instead of living for other people and their expectations 
- Come out of hiding from living your most fulfilling life and be seen by your true Self!

unclear to on purpose

- Feel confident that you're on the right track 
- IN-vision your purpose
- Speak clearly about your desires

module 7

intention-less to intention-full

- Access Claudia-Sam 5-day workshop Intention-Setting for a fulfilling year so you can create your life based on how you want to fee

module 8

hidden to seen from within

module 6

Doubtful to confident  

- Navigate times of uncertainty with confidence
- Welcome the right work and relationship opportunities in your life so you can be happy, now

module 9

fear of failure to
love of success

- Release the fear of "what if it doesn't work out"
and welcome the positive
"what if it does?"

module 10

trusting and tuned-in

- Embrace the unknown FULLY
- Make decisions you are happy with
- Realize your FULL potential

module 11







module 3

module 5

- Honour and navigate emotions instead of stifling them and causing relationship and communication breakdown and disease 

closed to cracked open

harmful to helpful thoughts

intention-setting for a fulfilling year

 Self-soothe and create feelings of fulfillment instead of relying on others and material things to make you happy
- Set powerful intentions that become your reality

bonus module

- Yoga Nidra for Overthinking
- Compassionate Self-Love Affirmations
- Yoga to Emotionally Crack-Open
- Feelingization meditation
- Make Decisions You're Happy With meditation
- FOMO: Fear of Missing Out video
- Feel Your Most Worthy Self meditation
- Extra bonuses offered on your
Say Yes to Yourself clarity call


Valued and Important
More energy and motivation
Ready to realize your full potential
Aware and happy to make changes
Loving to yourself

Open to receive
Attracting the right person and-or opportunity
Trusting in the universe
Aligned with your purpose
Calm, Spacious & Free 

Prices in USD.
Third-world country rates available.

On your clarity call, we will make space for any fear that may show up for you around investing in your Self (even if that means you are supported elsewhere) :)

Invest in YOU!

This 6-month support, as listed above, to have your Soul Connection Coach in your pocket (and forever access to the modules)is $6000-$7500.

Payment plans are available.

- More energy, motivation and overall happiness as soon as you wake up in the morning;
- Healthy, without any digestion trouble and balanced hormones;
- Valued and Important +
Aligned and purposeful;
- No longer wondering if you made the right choice and standing behind what you decide;
- Like your head is not running the show;
- Connected to your Higher Self and with a deep knowing and trust that everything is okay;
- More open, receiving, able to see clearly through to your path and leading your life with confidence instead of with fear;
- Lighter because you’ve got nothing to hide…

Imagine feeling...

Are you ready to let your inner confidence shine? 

Take the leap into being the best version of yourself.
I'd love to meet you. Fill out the questionnaire by clicking on the "I'm Ready


Bea Pole-Baker,
New Zealand, 2017

“CS is the best! Amazing, relaxing, energizing, a real bliss. Claudia-Sam is really talented in combining different techniques, definitely recommend her! Magic!” 

What if you started to think differently of
what your life can be like?

Become an expert in Tuning Inwards and BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

Do you believe that you are worthy of better confidence, more balanced health, and intuitive clarity? 

It Can Be You Too!

Are you ready to let your inner
confidence shine? 



 It all comes down to your willingness to truly want to be the BEST version of yourself. If you are not the type of person who wants this, then this is not for you. Tune-In: Your Confidence Self Awaits is a transformational journey that will guide you towards using tools in your daily life, even after the program is completed. I will help you to trust yourself, listen to your intuition, gain confidence and take full ownership of your health so you can live with all of these tools FOREVER. This is not just a band-aid solution love, it’s a life alternating experience that will make you more positive, more attractive from the inside out to yourself and others, and this will allow you to lead life with the heart RIGHT NOW! No more waiting. Let’s do this together!

The idea is that you commit to yourself during those 6 months so you can see results right away. If life gets in the way and you find yourself wanting to review some material even after the program is completed, rest assured that you will have lifetime access to the videos and materials. 

 It’s normal to be fearful of what change can do for you. I invite you to think this: “What if it was all WAY BETTER than I expect?” It’s a matter of modifying your mental take on how WELL you can do instead of staying in negativity and fear. This is why you are here. Now is the time. Step into the realm of possibility. You can do it. You have it in you. I’m here for you.

How can I truly change in four months?

What if I am scared of what the changes could stir up for me?

What if I don’t have time to participate fully within the 6-month period? 

Can you point out in your body where you feel certain emotions?
Are you always confident when making decisions for yourself?
Do you prioritize your health and happiness?

Let me ask you something 

No? Then 


The choice is yours.
Will you…
Procrastinate, do nothing and let your health and life-span get worse?
Or, try to make the changes on your own and take years to get where you could get in the next three months?
Or, allow me to help guide and support you on this transformational journey, save you stress and worry, while enjoying a program that was MEANT FOR YOU?

You can feel it in your gut, in your heart, in your soul… this is for you. We are meant for each other. Let’s do this and get you back into alignment as you were always meant to be. :) 

Are you ready to rise with confidence?
Do you wish to uncover your intuition?
Are you ready to take full ownership of your health NOW?