“The sequence of days gets us grounded, allows us to experience the spectrum of the roller-coaster we are experiencing in the [global turbulence]. The challenge helped me with: opening to receive, centering, feeling & releasing heaviness, returning to lightness & being.”

What women are saying about this challenge

Wendy W., USA

“I felt like Claudia-Sam was speaking to me. The challenge helped me be able to calm down quicker and feel less stressed, as well as shift my perspective around the [global turbulence] and how I can respond to it.”

Claudia M., Canada

“I loved the daily emails with videos and audios and it was needed and appropriate with the [global turbulence] and isolation.” 

Gayleen M., Canada

“Claudia-Sam helped me feel confident again. Just seeing things in a more positive light, and by flipping my negative feelings on their head. And after just one chat with Claudia-Sam, I felt like I could live the life I dream about. I felt it was possible.” 

kaylene, south africa