For driven women who are ready to put themselves at the top of their to-do list, feel re-energized and find balance in their lives (without feeling guilty, selfish or crunched for time)

• Being super expensive (and being only about bubble baths, massages and pedicures)

• Making you feel guilty and selfish for choosing YOU

• Feeling like a chore (and taking extra time you don’t have)


Show up as your best self for the people you love most (and at work too)

Have more time for you (instead of feeling like there’s never enough for it)

Boost your productivity (instead of feeling like you’re procrastinating)


Prioritize yourself without feeling guilty, selfish, self-indulgent, lazy or unproductive
Find balance and stability so that you can be your best self at home and at work, amidst situations out of your control 
Manage your time (and energy) in a way that works for YOU (because being always ON at (home) work isn’t helping you feel fulfilled nor relaxed)  
Be consistent with your daily healthy habits and be held accountable for staying on track longer than a week by a community of like-soul women
Let go of the 2020 chaos and enter 2021 with more energy, motivation, physical/mental/emotional health and self-love (instead of getting your energy sucked by negativity, fear and the go-go-go mode you’ve accustomed to).


This is a time in history when we have a choice.

The uncertain times that we've experienced in 2020 have shown a light on how these ways of being are no longer working.

wondering if you've reached your boss's expectations when you hand over a project...

holding back from expressing yourself because of fear of judgment from your colleagues or parents...

going 1000 miles an hour to make sure you come out on top and "look" the part at work and at home...

Whether you're:

The society we live in has valued getting validation from others for decades…instead of learning to cultivate self-appreciation.

Why Now?

(instead of like a victim to uncontrollable changes).

more powerfully standing in their power

Only the women who are ready to live in fullness of their worth will come out the other side 

Live for other people’s expectations of us and keep ignoring our soul purpose



Choose to show up in the world as our true self


Ignore the signs and end up depleted, weak and unavailable to give to others like we want to



Listen to the signs that it’s time to stop and care for ourselves


We can either

stop and slow down to care for yourself.

are all signs that it's time for you to 

· Had bronchitis, pneumonia or five colds last year;
· Could barely get out of bed because you felt unfulfilled at work; 
· Thought of many ways to use up all your sick days…

Maybe the fact that you

I know that you have a deep desire to live your full potential, on purpose, being your own inner guide and being fully happy to be YOU.

This is a time of deep awakening for women like us.

· without the skills to appreciate ourselves and feel fulfilled 🥴
· believing the only way to be successful is to work longer and push harder 🤯
·  expecting that our 2.job 4.marriage "way to do things" will bring us to guaranteed happiness and freedom 🙈

We can no longer live:

You need to master your self-care.

In order to shift out of the being-sick habit or the looking-outside-for-success-and-happiness habit...

Is this you? 

Then it’s time to live your life more fully and learn to find balance throughout the day (and not only while you get a message, a pedicure or laying in a bubble bath)...

If you'd like to be part of the movement and shift out of these outdated ways of being and make 2021 the year of YOU...

Master Your Self-Care II

“Sometimes, putting yourself as a priority is scary. But working with Claudia-Sam, I realized I am not a machine! I recognized that my own fear was preventing me from doing so and that now, because I don’t want to feel undervalued, like my feelings don’t matter, and feel judged for my actions, thoughts and feelings. I am now open to expressing my thoughts and feelings, and I choose to do so with people around me with whom I feel heard and understood.” 

Shift from a people-pleasing place to prioritizing YOU so that you can come out of hiding from living your most fulfilling life and be seen by your true Self 
• Identify any other lingering harmful patterns that might be standing in your way to fully feeling supported by the Universe  
• Learn to put in place the necessary tools to live life according to your needs and desires (instead of for other people and their expectations of you). 

Connect to who YOU are

Lesson 8

Balance your emotions and safely uncover the harmful beliefs that are standing in your way to being emotionally intelligent (and remove emotional blockages)
• Learn to prioritize yourself without feeling guilty, like you’re lazy, selfish or not good enough (and instead stand fully in your power and express yourself with confidence)
• Learn powerful tools to check-in with yourself and allow emotions to flow while feeling safe to navigate through them so you can feel free and released

Create Emotional Empowerment

Lesson 7

• Bust the myth that there’s never enough time for self-care and instead feel the boost in productivity that taking time for yourself brings you 
Manage moments like a productive self-care master so that you can put your best efforts in everything that you do with integrity 
• Learn to use your time wisely so that you can finally become consistent in your healthy habits (instead of dropping out and having to start over... again)

Enhance your Energy

Lesson 6

• Choose what power the judgemental thoughts have over you (and how much real estate they really take up in your mind) so that you can overcome negative thinking and experience self-care daily 
Rewire neural pathways of your brain with positive thought patterns that make you feel good enough so that you can start 2021 having helpful and empowering beliefs about yourself 
• Step into an abundance mentality and attract positive career, money and relationship possibilities for a fulfilling life

Detox your self-talk
for more self-love

Lesson 5

• Learn what you need to from your experience of the 2020 turbulence so that you can let go of the negative and fearful thoughts about losing any more control in your life
• Prepare for family gatherings and renew your vision of Holiday obligations so that you can show up as a new energized and motivated version of yourself (and be less affected by the judgements and lower energy of from family) 
• e intentional with your vision so that you can welcome 2021 with a positive, empowering and hopeful attitude 

Let go of 2020 and
Flow into 2021

Lesson 4

Develop more love towards your body, one day at a time, and forgive the many years of neglect and ignorance towards it  
Feel empowered from within yourself to sleep better, de-stress, and finally let go of the back, shoulder and/or neck pain 
Prevent anxiety and/or burn-out so that you can start to notice what feels right to you vs what feels like a boundary crossing

Balance your body

Lesson 3

• Be more present in your body, no matter the environment around you, so that you can restore calm, instantly, and at any time throughout the day (and be a powerful role model for the people you love) 
• Put your own wellbeing (and how you’re feeling inside) a priority, regardless of the world chaos so that you can feel good on the outside too 
• Learn to rid your body of unnecessary toxins so that you can feel comfortable to sit with your feelings in a safe and supportive environment 

Appreciate yourself fully

Lesson 2

• Learn to make self-care a MUST (instead of a chore) so that you can release the overwhelm it carries and instead turn it into something you want to do (in less than 15 minutes per day)
• Smoothly transition from putting self-care off of your to-do list to having it be at the top so that you can create more time to do what fulfills you 
• Develop an inner ability to heal yourself with grace and ease so that you can show up as your best self at work and in your personal life 

Create your sacred space 

Lesson 1


Shalaundra, USA,
Master Your Self-Care II

“At the end of the program, my lack of motivation was gone and I was able to give attention to my body instead of pushing myself too hard. During Master Your Self-Care II, I found an accountability partner and was able to change my mindset from “I have to do all these things for myself” to fully being able to enjoy the moment. I was able to learn new boundaries when it came to my work and felt comfortable to say “I’ll respond tomorrow” to my boss and colleagues so to have a healthier work/life balance.”

*All LIVE sessions are recorded and available in the membership site as a replay

· 1 x group full-moon circle & meditation kick-off group session
· 1x one-on-one Clarify your Vision call with Claudia-Sam at the beginning of the program

(offered only to those who book their spot before November 13th 2020 at midnight Eastern Standard Time)

Early bird bonuses - expired 

· Small, safe and supportive private community of Soul Connectors including personalized video or written coaching responses by Claudia-Sam (so you don't go at it alone nor stop after 5 days for lack of motivation) on Facebook

· 1x bonus closing week to celebrate your growth

· 3x morning yoga or meditation practices**

· 4x Community Coaching Circles/Calls**

· 1 x one-one-one end-of-program Revise Your Vision call with Claudia-Sam

· 8 lessons accessible in our private online membership site including videos, workbooks and audio downloads to help you find balance in your life on three levels: body, mind and emotions, so that you can master your self-care from the foundation of wellness (and have what it takes to sustain it after 2 months too)

· 1 x bonus jumpstart week to in-vision your self-care goals

· 2 months of coaching support to keep your healthy habits of prioritizing YOU passed the 21-day mark and beyond, for optimal consistency


2 payments of US$275
OR US$497 paid in full 


Kassandra, Canada,
 Tune- Program, Master Your Self-Care I & II

“Before working with Claudia-Sam, I was always doing more, more and more…so my body shut down and I had burn-out. I was exhausted and I realized that I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I feared the judgement of others, I did not feel confident, I used to say yes every single time and I wasn’t prioritizing myself. Now, I have much more time for myself, I’m happy with the decisions I make and feel free to choose for myself (without fearing judgement from others).”

(when you learn how to do it RIGHT)!

this opportunity for growth will teach you how self-care IS ACTUALLY FREE and TAKES NO EXTRA TIME 

Even if you think you don't have the time or money for self-care… 

Claudia-Sam supports driven women who feel unfulfilled, have lost their sense of purpose after a burn-out or big-life change and feel stuck with where they are at in life to confidently trust themselves and take the leap fearlessly towards saying yes more without guilt, while creating a fulfilling life filled with joy, using her Tune-In Method. Claudia-Sam has worked nearly 10 years in a corporate job, has lived in an ashram of Nepal and has over 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings from around the world.

Meet Claudia-Sam


Your Coach

Canada, 2020

“Having taken part in several workshops, Live groups and programs, Claudia-Sam always takes us elsewhere. She listens to our needs, takes the time to understand them and helps us to break free from harmful habits or negative thoughts. I love working with this beautiful woman who’s just as human as we are! She makes me feel good! Thank you for everything!"

Natalia, The Netherlands, Master Your Self-Care II

“During Master Your Self-Care II, I managed to make my morning practice a habit of 30 minutes, consistently.”

Jenny, Canada,
 Master Your Self-Care II

"With Claudia-Sam, I immediately felt safe because she's 100% there to listen and support us as we reach our goals. She provides a space in which it feels safe to feel emotions too. Her excitement and passion for her clients' growth and success comes through in her deep coaching. Her aliveness is magnetic! You won't regret working with Claudia-Sam, she has a drive to watch you succeed in anything you desire."

Claudia-Sam praise

The community calls and sharing circles will occur on Zoom and the Live morning practices will occur inside the private Soul Connector online community.

Where will the calls take place?

All Facebook Live Monday Check-Ins will occur at 11am on Mondays (except on December 28th 2020) inside the private Soul Connector online community.

EARLY-BIRD BONUS FULL MOON OPENING CIRCLE > Monday November 30th 2020 8:30am
COMMUNITY CALL #1 > Wednesday December 2nd 2020 at 2:30pm
MORNING PRACTICE #1 > Thursday December 10th 2020 at 8:30am
COMMUNITY CALL #2 > Wednesday December 16th 2020 2:30pm ET
MORNING PRACTICE #2 > Monday December 21st 2020 at 8:30am
COMMUNITY CALL #3 “HOLIDAY DETOX SHARING CIRCLE” > Wednesday January 6th 2021 at 8:30am
MORNING PRACTICE #3 > Thursday January 14th 2021 at 8:30am
CLOSING COMMUNITY CIRCLE > Thursday January 28th 2021 2:30pm

Most of the calls fall on either a new moon, a full moon or the Winter Solstice to take advantage of the Universal power of astrology to create a safe, sacred and supportive space. All times mentioned below are in Eastern Standard Time.

Which day and times will the Community Calls or Live Classes occur?

The group community coaching calls, opening and closing circles will be of 60-90 minutes and the morning practices will be of 45 minutes.

How long are the group coaching calls and Live Classes?

Each week, all of this won’t all happen on the same day, so you can account for only 15 minutes per day over a period of 4-6 days and you’ve got the program covered!

• 15 minutes of a community LIVE check-in video to watch
• 15 minutes to read, watch the video and/or listen to the audio of the lesson
• 15-30 minutes to complete the week’s lesson
• 5-30 minutes to engage in the Facebook group each week

Each week, there will be about:

How much time will I need to account for the program each week?

The first lesson of the program will be released on Monday November 30th 2020. There is a jumpstart week November 23rd to 29th 2020 during which you’ll be able to IN-vision your goals, meet the other like-soul women in our Soul Connector Community and get yourself ready for our 2 months together, but there are no LIVE commitments during that preparation week.

The Holidays will be time for integration of everything you’ll have learned so far, and you’ll have 2 weeks to complete Lesson 4. There will be no LIVE teachings or coaching from Claudia-Sam between December 23rd 2020 and January 4th 2021 as this will be a time for deep rest for all of us.

The last official day of the program is Sunday January 31st 2021 but there will be a bonus closing week to celebrate your growth in our community, with the last day of coaching from Claudia-Sam on Friday February 5th 2021.

What are the dates of the program?


Ellen Alexandra, The Netherlands, Master Your Self-Care I

“What I enjoy the most about the Facebook group for the program is to have a structure in which to slowly move and feel into things that are going on in the body. It’s nice to have a place to discuss and address those issues as they come up.”