A mini-event for happiness seekers
ready to discover their purpose
(and feel confident enough to go for it)

January 15th 2022 
11:00am to 2:00pm EST

January 15th 2022 11:00am to 2:00pm EST

Intention-Setting for a Fulfilling Year


3 weeks after the event, I attracted a romantic relationship beyond what I imaged was possible for me. This happened just by committing to myself in the intention-setting mini-event led by Claudia-Sam. I opened up to the possibility of not needing to depend on others for my own happiness."

Carole-Anne, Canada, 2021

Danielle S, USA, 2021

“I was raised to work harder and do things "right", otherwise I’m not successful or appreciated enough. 

“I’m so unfulfilled by my lifestyle and job that I go to bed really late, making my evenings longer
so that I don’t get to the next work day
so quickly!”

 Now I feel stuck in the hustle and lost. What's my true purpose?”

“I thought that going 1000 miles an hour, doing '"more" that I’d feel worthy and like I belong…
but now I’m busy and still don’t feel fulfilled and happy.

“I’ve been avoiding negative emotions my whole life cause I was taught that it was weak to be emotional. I created a wall around me which prevents me from being loved and live life fully.”

Is this you? 👇

And are you worried that:

Your purpose isn’t actually at the top of the corporate ladder...

Happiness isn't based on what your job is, who you know, how busy you are and how much money you make...

Life will hit you with a 2x4 for the second time (with recurring -itis, trauma, cancer, chronic stress)…


Intention-Setting for a Fulfilling Year is a LIVE mini online coaching event to help driven women finally find clarity and identify their path to purpose and fulfillment
(so that they can feel good enough to go for it)

Everyone should have this kind of support
and space held for them (and I'm packing 3 hours full of value and personalized attention for 3 times less.).

Which means that you're now:

Ready to change your habits;
Wanting to create your own happiness instead;
Committed to finding your real purpose outside of everyone's expectations of you

*Seats are limited




"Before the Intention-Setting mini-event, I was feeling disconnected from my usual practice of tuning in and listening to my soul. During the event, I felt such a shift! Physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically, I see new possibilities beyond what I had previously held. If you are feeling like it would be a stretch to invest this time into yourself, this is exactly the medicine!"

Kaela, USA, 2021

Alice Jasmine, Canada, 2021

You will be lead towards intention-setting that WORKS using my Tune-In method and IN-tending formula. Plus, I’ll open up about my own story: transition out of panic attacks and out of a corporate career into building my own business with confidence and trust and feeling more fulfilled in my life.

Part 1 > Invision and create your most fulfilling year yet, without having to add anything to your to-do list.

The event is organized into 4 parts:

This includes step-by-step personalized workshop-style guidance to help you:


➡️ Discover what your Soul wants (outside of what others have expected of you all of your life)
➡️ Release the overwhelm of having to do “all the things” on your list and instead focus on what you know deep down will fulfill you instead
➡️ Find balance between your ego and Soul so that you feel in control of being happy to achieve your goals
➡️ Practice Feelingization so that you can experience your future life in the Now
➡️ Open up to new career, health, love and financial freedom possibilities (instead of thinking you’ll never be happy again)

“I just got paid thousands of dollars that one of my family members owed me. It was totally out of the blue.” 

“I got offered the job I wanted!” 

“I finally feel like I see the perfection through the imperfections of my body and I met a new guy!” 

“I haven’t had another OCD episode in a long time.” 

“I can finally sleep better, wake up energized and put the bigger narcolepsy days behind me.” 

“I have been more and more able to separate from the judgemental and self-harming thoughts around family trauma and unhappy bosses. It feels amazing!” 

Part 2 > Use my INtending formula to connect with intentions from your Soul that manifest into your unique reality.

Part 3 > Rewire your neural pathways and TRUST the expansive and abundant happiness opportunities that are available to you.

Part 4 > Be your own inner guide, get out of survival mode and clarify your path to purpose (so that you don’t burn out again), using my Tune-In method.

Manifestation successes

During the 3 hours we'll spend together...

This kind of change doesn’t have to take up your whole day all the time

You also don’t have to uproot everything and put an end to friendships and relationships at once...

BUT, it IS about starting to understand how to make subtle changes that transform who you are to allow you to find a pathway to feeling deeply:



On Purpose


Loving Yourself

And listen up beautiful Soul...

😵 You can hardly recognize yourself now because you’re feeling less motivated where you always had this energy and you realize you can’t keep going at a low energy vibration

😌 You’re craving something you’ve never craved before: time to slow down, BE YOU and connect with spirituality.

💪 You’re realizing that there are people who are successful and fulfilled out there but that you’ve been settling for a hell of a lot less for way too long. You don’t know how to do it, but you’re ready for transformation.


This event is for you IF:

😕 You realize that your current lifestyle is making you miserable, even if you still have a little resistance to change you know that it’s finally time to switch things up

😖 You have suffered from burnout at least once maybe more, and you’re finally getting that this is not sustainable and you need someone to help you cause you don’t know how it could be different than without giving up everything you’ve built and that terrifies you

I’ve got to be real with you that this clarity event is NOT FOR YOU IF:

Although it’s okay even if you think:

It’s not in your daily habits to get out of bed, shower, eat healthy-ish

I’m not sure that I believe I can just all of a sudden be a self-care kinda person, focusing on slowing down and taking time for myself to feel fulfilled and happy, but I know I have to do something different and I’m willing to do whatever it takes.” 

“I feel lost, unsure what my purpose is and what I need to do to feel truly fulfilled because I’ve been prioritizing my to-do list for so long… but deep down, I know I’m ALL IN.

“I’m scared because I’ve never done anything like this for myself before, I’ve never worked with a coach and I’m not sure I’d wanna share with others what’s on my heart. I’m not really sure what I’d be getting myself into... But I want to be supported and feel heard."

You’re miserable and burnt out but don’t have the courage to make a change

You want somebody to give you a band-aid kinda solution in a pep-talk so that you can go back to your burn out routine


You wanna sit around and continue feeling completely unfulfilled and putting yourself last all the time

You’ll keep making up excuses that now is not the time or that you don’t have money to spend on your transformation.

Manifestation Successes

❔ When will the event happen and how long will it be?
The event will occur over a 3- hour period on December 4th 2021 from 2pm to 5pm EDT and on January 15th 2022 from 10:30am to 1:30pm. You choose one date that suits your schedule.

Will I get access to the replay?

Yes, the entire event will be available for you as a replay but we recommend that you attend LIVE to get personalized on-the-spot coaching support from Claudia-Sam.

❔ Where is it taking place and do I have to turn on my camera?
It will occur on ZOOM and we advise you to turn your camera on in order to create a cozy, welcoming and supportive group atmosphere. Claudia-Sam holds a safe space where you’ll feel good to be yourself 🥰 The power of creating what you want so that you feel good enough to go for it multiplies when the energy vibration of the space is high!

❔ How do I know I’ll get results?
Results go hand in hand with the commitment, energy and effort you put in. By showing up for yourself, participating with the group, letting yourself be coached and supported, you enhance your chances of success.


“I just got offered 1 year without interest on my credit card.”

“My old boss reached out to me to offer me a new position!”

“When my boss asked me if I could take on an extra task at work, after my workday was technically over, I said no and I didn’t feel guilty!”

“The atmosphere at work is more uplifting and positive. The judgement is no longer the go-to habit.”

"I finally got the idea for my business"

Before the mini-event, I felt unbalanced and unfocused on what I really want. Right after, I felt balanced, re-centered, open to receiving what is to come from the universe. Even though this is an online event, I felt the healing energy throughout the entire workshop".

Danielle S, USA, 2021

Fleur, Canada, 2021

"This will help you to get clarity if you are in a struggling situation in your life, and that could be for any aspect, not just work/burn out. I loved Claudia-Sam's approach, very gentle."

"I started accepting and loving myself as I am. This energy shift helped me to attract someone who reminded me that my Soul CAN be loved. Perhaps it's the magic of opening up an inner energy portal when you do this work (with Claudia-Sam) 😉 I now feel like I have the capacity inside of me to create my own reality 🙏” 

Carole-Anne, Canada, 2021


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