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A monthly guided meditation & group coaching session to help women tune-in to their heart, free themselves from their inner mean girl and develop a deeper connection with themselves.

Meditation Tune-Up

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  Meditation Tune UP

👉 Quiet your inner mean girl from beating you up with thoughts that no longer serve you so that you can
 be kinder to yourself and
be your best Self

👉 Identify the emotions you’ve been avoiding so that you can
 love yourself
release self-doubt
 live life in alignment with your purpose

👉Move out of the go-go-go mode and into a place of calm so that you can
 understand the signs your physical body is sending you and
feel lighter and less stuck by physical pain

👉 Have a safe and supportive environment to offer you a break from the outside world so you can
 reconnect with your inner world

These sessions are designed so that you can:

“Claudia-Sam’s meditations are gentle, intimate, insightful, a breath of fresh air when it is much needed. The effects lasted for a few days, which was to my utmost surprise. Thank you!”

Fleur, Canada 

“Before the session, I was feeling disconnected from my usual practice of tuning in and I felt such a shift! Physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. I see new possibilities beyond what I had previously held for myself”

Kaela, usa 

“With Claudia-Sam, I immediately felt safe because she's 100% there to listen and support us as we reach our goals. She provides a space in which it feels safe to feel emotions too. Her aliveness is magnetic! You won't regret working with Claudia-Sam, she has a drive to watch you succeed in anything you desire."

Jenny,NEw Zealand

If you’re thinking… “how’s this different than “just” another guided meditation”?

It’s because you’ve never yet experienced it with Claudia-Sam 😉

These sessions are SO MUCH MORE than sitting in silence and connecting with your Self for a few minutes.

With Claudia-Sam’s help, you’ll become masterful at:

Hearing and trusting your inner voice so that you can make decisions you’re happy with

Flexing your mindset muscle of manifestation so that you can live in alignment with your purpose NOW

Shifting neural pathways in your brain so that your inner mean girl can transform and be on your side

Being in harmony with all that is coming at you in your life instead of wanting to hide away in times of crises and stress

I want to experience it too

Every one Meditation Tune-Up session includes:
👉The opportunity to take one of two Soul Spotlight “hot” seats for personalized deep transformational coaching, wherever you are on your self-development journey

👉Two guided meditations intuitively inspired by the topics brought up in the two Soul Spotlights and adapted to the group, per session

👉The opportunity to submit questions and apply for one of the two Soul Spotlights, 24h before the session

👉The audio recording available for one month so that you can re-do the meditations when in need of support

How it works

Get started with your Meditation Tune-Up monthly session for as low as $29.

To keep these groups small and be able to serve EVERYONE, when the group reaches more than 9 LIVE participants, Claudia-Sam will hold another session on the same day at 3:30pm Eastern Time. You will be notified as soon as possible if this happens.

*Audio recordings are available for one month with purchase. See details in FAQ section below.

The next scheduled sessions* are:

🌟 March 24th at 2pm Eastern Time

🌟 April 28th 2021 at 2pm Eastern Time

🌟 May 26th 2021 at 2pm Eastern Time

Be guided out of your head and into your heart through meditation and transformational coaching in a supportive and safe all-women group setting so that you can love (and work towards loving) all parts of yourself.

“I feel so much better about my energy. I feel reinvigorated and ready for the new ventures that await me… like I can’t fail.”

allison, Canada 

“It was the time I needed to reset my mind so that I could get back to what I have to do in my work day (instead of continuing to keep going like a machine)!”


“Before the session, I felt unbalanced and unfocused on what I really want. Now, I feel balanced, re-centered, and open to receive what’s to come.”



Are those video or audio calls?


For any additional questions, please feel free to send an email to team@claudiasamsoulcoaching.com

The calls happen on Zoom. Claudia-Sam is on camera and you’re welcome to have yours on or off. If it becomes a distraction for you to look at yourself on the screen, we suggest that you turn it off so that you fully focus on your inner-work.

Are the calls recorded and can I have access to the recording if I can’t make it Live?

What happens with the recording?

It becomes available only for the Live participants and those who’ve signed up to watch the replay so that you can access it on your own time. Every session’s recording is available for 1 month.

 What if I don’t want to be seen on camera?

  You’re welcome to turn your camera off.

Will I get personalized coaching?

If you want to, yes. All sessions are organized to take into account what the participants are feeling and how they want to feel at the end of the practice. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be one of the two Soul Spotlights, but if you are interested in getting a “hot seat” type of coaching on the call, please let us know upon registration. If you have not been selected as a Soul Spotlight on a particular date, we will move your spotlight time to another date.

The calls are recorded. You can pay to grab your spot so that you can get access to the recording for 1 month, and since you won’t be attending Live, you can submit questions 24h before the call.

What is the Soul Spotlight?

It’s an opportunity to get Tune-In coaching on what’s going with you, on your Soul’s journey and to be an inspiration for one of the two meditations that Claudia-Sam will guide the group through during the hour-long session.

What if I don’t want to be spotlighted and just want to “sit in”?

You’re welcome to be as active as you want during the session. Everyone’s journey is different so you may feel already comfortable to share how you’re feeling in the first session, but it’s okay if you feel better to open up in the next sessions.

The calls happen on Zoom. Claudia-Sam is on camera and you’re welcome to have yours on or off. If it becomes a distraction for you to look at yourself on the screen, we suggest that you turn it off so that you fully focus on your inner-work.

How many people will there be in a group?

How long are the sessions?

1 hour.

Do you need to be experienced in meditation to participate?

No but some experience in sitting for long periods of time in a comfortable seat will help. You’re welcome to move your body a little bit before the sessions to help you feel comfortable doing that and to use props so that you can sit in a way that makes you feel supported. You can also lay down during some of the meditations.

“I obtained so many insights into my subconscious and around my upbringing, within my first coaching session with Claudia-Sam. I understand better where my definition of success comes from. It was an Ah Ha moment. I realized that All I need is Me and that I’m ready to stop letting other people pull me down from where I want my energy to be.”


“I felt insecure, detached, disconnected with myself and I had lots of fear about moving forward in life. Now I’m feeling hopeful, connected, supported, loved, and confident. I have self belief!”

J, Canada

“I arrived with an energy half-ready for the inner-work because I experienced a strong emotion the night before and in the morning of. After the session, I felt relaxed, calm within and with a better understanding of why I lived such a strong emotion. I feel full of energy now!”

C-a, Canada

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