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Join me and learn the EXACT 3 SECRET STEPS I’ve taken to clarify my path to purpose, as a driven woman (and ex- 9 to 5er) who never wanted to burn out again.



What does another kind of life even look like?

What if it doesn’t even work out for me to go on another career path or even be happier?

The thing is… You really DON’T have to keep living for a whole lot less fulfillment your whole life!

Do you wonder... 


You’ve done everything right (graduated with Honours, know the right people, have a good job) but you feel stuck in an unfulfilling routine

You’re working at a job that no longer represents what you value as important to you

You’re tired of living for everyone else’s wants and expectations of you


In this training I’m sharing:

THE secret to opening up to possibilities and be able to realize your full potential, make decisions you're happy with and release the fear of "what if it doesn't work out?"



My #1 tool to have a healthy work/life balance and feel truly fulfilled in life… (instead of living for other people and their expectations)



Exactly how I've come to put my own wellbeing (and how I'm feeling inside) a priority, in order to feel good on the outside (and not be depressed, anxious or burnt out again



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“This 1h workshop flew by so fast, I wanted more! It really makes you want to learn more about what progress you can do with the help of Claudia-Sam. If I wasn’t already a client of hers, I would’ve definitely booked that one-on-one session she offers for free at the end”.

Ariane, Canada 

Uncover your place on the “I’m Important Meter” so you know where you want to go on your path to purpose.


“Having taken part in several workshops, Live groups and programs, Claudia-Sam always takes us elsewhere. She listens to our needs, takes the time to understand them and helps us to break free from harmful habits or negative thoughts. I love working with this beautiful woman who’s just as human as we are! She makes me feel good! This workshop is your chance to be able to grow alongside her wisdom. Thank you for everything!"

Stephanie, Canada, 2020 

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Claudia-Sam supports driven women who:

😀Confidently trust themselves and their decisions
😎Take the leap fearlessly towards their purpose
🤩Say NO more often and without guilt (and say YES to themselves instead)
😍Create a fulfilling life filled with joy

And, using her Tune-In method, she helps them to:

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🙄Feel unfulfilled at their jobs
🤯Have lost their sense of purpose after burning out 
🙈Keep piling up emotions inside them
😔Are negatively self-critical of themselves


She’s jumped into the unknown by leaving her corporate career in 2016, traveling to explore the world with her boyfriend of 8 years and discovering her true Self through it all. Ever since then, she’s been guiding-teaching-leading people into becoming the best version of themselves and creating amazing TRUE worldwide connections.

In this free workshop, learn the EXACT 3 SECRET STEPS I’ve taken to:

live in alignment with my purpose

create a healthy work-life balance for myself

be the best version of myself (and never burn out again)

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Be Your Own Inner Guide

Join me and learn the EXACT 3 SECRET STEPS I’ve taken to clarify my path to purpose, as a driven woman (and ex- 9 to 5er) who never wanted to burn out.

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