If you feel like you’re constantly catching the balls that everyone is throwing AT you, and you’re afraid of dropping any one of them…

Shift from Busy to Being and get out of the overthinking overwhelm

Play with me daily in the dance between Ego and Soul and let your calm, confident and clear Self lead the way
(instead of the overthinking, overwhelmed and overtired Self).

Uncover your Busy Energy Code and Inner Body Indicator of overthinking so that you can finally put your Self on the to-do list instead of feeling drained by putting yourself last.

Dancing with Ego & Soul

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Here's what you'll learn during this series:

- Learn the dual energies of Doing and Being that are both here to benefit you (instead of fearing the slow-flow and while still being productive) 

- Recognize the voice of your ego vs your Soul so that you can better choose which one to listen to when making important decisions.

- Break up with your old way of being in the go-go-go so that you can now take action from an energy of alignment with your who you are inside.

Join for Free!

Including daily support from Claudia-Sam on Facebook and a group LIVE Coaching and Q&A call

Claudia-Sam has been dancing with ego and soul publicly since April 17th 2022 on her personal Facebook page. If you want to watch the those videos you can click on the icon below.

Dancing with Ego and Soul

If you wanna join me for Dancing with Ego and Soul from June 15th to July 14th 2022 and be tagged when I go Live on my personal Facebook Page, this will give you the opportunity to play too (at no cost).

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